The Family Of Miniblack's Boston terriers

Tapanila, Helsinki, Finland
1 Seunalavägen Helsingfors 00730 FI

Me, Anne and my mother Anneli got involved with boston breeding in 80’s. I usually take care for handling of the dogs and Anneli´s responsibility is taking care of the dogs. Pekka, the father of the human family, is our devoted “kennel boy”: always ready as a “service troop” with the motto “I just drive the car and carry the bags”!
I love Melody My younger sister Kirsi, who lives nearby and participates in taking care of our bostons.

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I live in Seinäjoki, 4 hours drive north from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Breeding dogs is not only a hobby but it is a life style of some kind. Dogs have been a part of my life since I was born. Dog breeding has given me a lot of friends. I don’t have any kennel buildings, all my dogs are living with people taking part of every day life.

07190 Halkia, Finland 20.33 mi

We prefer quality, not quantity! Home of ten World Winner,3 home breed American Champion,1 home breed American Grand Champion no.18

Liikuri 14-16, Tallinn, 13618 Estonia 57.34 mi

We are glad to welcome You on our Web-page. We hope that You will enjoy visiting us. About us:Kennel AS’GUNAPAL was officially registered in FCI in January, 1993. We started dog-breeding in 1979. Our first dog’s official name was Margo, but we used her pet name Asya.For the first time puppies were born on the 8-th of March in 1982.
During those years our dogs successfully participated in various dog’s competitions. Also during the same period our dogs gave birth twenty- five times to numerous, excellent puppies.


Welcome to kennel Boks-Best Saiz’s homepage!My name is Klarissa Orgusaar and i’m living with my husband Igor Orgusaar in very beautiful Türisalu.Dogs are our hobby and also our lifestyle. Dog shows are my passion! Our Kennel Boks-Best Saizis registered in 25.08.1993 when we got our first boxer.There have been three Boxers in our Kennel and we’ve risen four boxer litters.A little Boston Lady Happy-Harriett came to our family in 2003 and since that time we’ve been 100% Boston family.Our goal is to breed healthy and good moving Boston Terriers. Kennel Boks-Best Saiz has close cooperation with

Harjumaa, 76706 Harku vald, Estonia 64.19 mi

In 2003 our little boson priest Happy Harriett came to our family and since then we are 100% Boston family!Our goal is to grow healthy and well-moving Boston Terriers! Kennel Boks Best Saiz is in close cooperation with the German CBD Bostonterrieri kennel Victory Lane On our website you will find information on dogs and their achievements on the research and healthy litters per.

18120 Heinola, Finland 73.97 mi

Breeder interviews often ask what the dog breeder’s goal is to achieve. The standard answer is to seek a healthy, breed and good-natured dog. This is one of the easiest breeds. Not demanding coat, friendly, educational and playful.

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