Kennel Berryman's Boston Terrier

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My name is Pia Niitynpää (formerly Yli-Muilu). I come from Turku, and now I live in eastern Finland. I have visited the Finnish Kennel Club breeder’s basic course in 2006 and the name of the breeder I got in 2007. Before 2003, I had heard about a race named Boston Terrier. This is the first Boston television show, a program that introduced various dog breeds. I fell in love with a small, cheerful, and peppery on every plank of the place. I have always been an animal lover, who would not, and also for me as a child I asked my parents for a dog with poor results. Now the time was right and good, and the raccoon was found, so I jumped into a bookshop and dog shows to find more information and to see real live bostons. The exhibitions’ brutality opened in my eyes all the way, but I did not give it up, on the contrary I was enthusiastic about the whole exhibition. There was only one big factor missing: my own boss.

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